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The Resurgence of Stuckey’s: A Road Trip Nostalgia Revival

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Introduction: Rediscovering the Stuckey’s brand

If you love road trips and Buc-ee’s, you owe a debit of gratitude to Stuckey’s.

During the brand’s heyday in the ‘50s and ‘60s, as families drove along endless highways, one sight that never failed to bring joy was the familiar white buildings with blue roofs dotting the roadside landscape. Stuckey’s was a beloved brand that captured the hearts of road trippers.

What started as a roadside pecan stand became a welcome pit stop for refueling and offered an adventure all its own. Families and travelers from all walks of life would eagerly pull over, children eyeing the crazy selection of souvenirs while their parents filled up the gas tank. For many, this iconic roadside oasis symbolized the fun and the independent spirit of the American road trip experience.

However, after Stuckey's was sold in 1964, decades of corporate ownership took its toll on the once-thriving brand. With outside owners at the wheel, the company faced a downward spiral, culminating in the decline of stores and a diluted brand. That is until Stephanie Stuckey stepped forward, driven not by a calculated business decision but by a deep emotional connection to her grandfather, W. S. Stuckey, the original founder of Stuckey’s.

You can see the Stuckey's timeline HERE

Now, Stephanie Stuckey has accepted the challenge of reviving the cherished family brand. In our interview with Stephanie, she shared the strategies she’s using to breathe new life into the classic pecan snacks. We talked about the golden age of road trips, celebrated female entrepreneurship, and honored the timeless tradition of hitting the open road with Stuckey’s by your side.

By the way, her new book, Unstuck, is due out this spring!                                                   

The Glory Days

SignDuring the ’50s and ’60s, Stuckey’s became synonymous with road trips, capturing the imagination of families embarking on cross-country adventures. Travelers across America reveled in the joyous anticipation of pulling into one of Stuckey’s charming establishments, which numbered 368 stores in 40 states at its peak. These iconic roadside havens offered not only fuel for thirsty vehicles but also taste treats for the whole family and an unexpected bit of whimsy on the shelves.

Travelers indulged in Stuckey’s renowned pecan candies, including their famous pecan log rolls. And fun souvenirs ranged from rubber alligators and dipping drinking bird toys to state-themed salt and pepper shakers. With each visit to a Stuckey’s store, memories were made.


The Corporate Spiral

The Stuckey’s brand once had its own candy plant, distribution center, hundreds of stores, and 4,000 billboards dotting the nation’s highways.

But the sale to corporate owners led to a decline in both the brand’s identity and market presence. The entrepreneurial spirit that drove Stephanie’s grandfather gave way to a profit-driven approach that disconnected the company from its roots. A series of unfortunate business decisions and mismanagement gradually eroded the vibrant legacy that once defined Stuckey’s.

After decades of neglect, the charm that had captivated generations of travelers was gone and the brand was little more than a trademark and was six figures in debt. The corporate owners wanted out.

Stephanie Stuckey’s Emotional Decision

Stephanie Stuckey, fueled by her love for her grandfather and a deep desire to honor his legacy, faced a critical crossroads when the opportunity arose to buy back the Stuckey’s brand. Despite the daunting challenges ahead, she decided to take the plunge, driven not by financial opportunities, but by a heartfelt emotional attachment to what the brand had once represented.

“It was not a business decision,” says Stephanie. “It was an emotional decision. There had been decades of outside ownership and the brand, frankly, was just being trashed.”

Stephanies Grandfather

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“I remember that my grandfather never went anywhere without pecan log rolls,” she continues. “Elvis gave out Cadillacs, and my grandfather gave out log rolls. Elvis may have made a bit more money, but my grandfather was generous. And he prided himself on knowing his workforce. It was not uncommon for him to be at the candy plant when the shifts were starting, shaking hands and greeting the workers by name. He loved people.”

Stepping into her grandfather’s shoes, she embarked on an epic journey to revive Stuckey’s. There was no easy roadmap. She had to let go of nostalgia of what had been and map a new way forward for the brand.

Informed by her deep connection with the past, Stephanie made the bold decision to refocus the Stuckey’s brand primarily on its famous pecan snacks while preserving its spirit of adventure and open-road heritage.

The Recipe for Success: Pecans & a Road Trip Revival

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Central to the revitalization of Stuckey’s is an unwavering commitment to excellence in crafting irresistible pecan snacks. By prioritizing the quality of ingredients and reclaiming control over the manufacturing process, Stephanie Stuckey and her team have successfully recaptured the essence of what made Stuckey’s treats so beloved in the first place.

"When you don’t make your own product, it’s not the same," says Stephanie. "I just think that it’s really special when you make your own product and it’s truly yours. And we control all the ingredients. I know 100 percent what's going in there because it's our factory. We hire the personnel and we know how they're treated. There's a lot of pride and, and love, in what we're making."


With partners, Stuckey’s has invested in a candy and snack company manufacturing facility, enabling them to regain full control over their products. This shift has been instrumental in ensuring consistency, freshness, and a focus on using premium ingredients, such as Georgia pecans, real vanilla, and quality chocolate.

Quick tip from Stephanie: "If the chocolate doesn’t melt, it’s not chocolate."

Just like distinct wine profiles, each pecan harvest brings with it the regional flavors that showcase the uniqueness of Georgia’s pecan orchards.

In a market saturated with subpar imitations, Stuckey’s stands out by ensuring full ingredient transparency and adhering to rigorous quality standards. When you indulge in Stuckey’s pecan snacks, every bite is a celebration of authentic flavors and a commitment to uncompromising quality.

Nostalgic Road Trip

“A road trip represents freedom and fun and independence and exploration, which are fundamental American values,” says Stephanie. And no road trip is complete without tasty snacks – according to a recent survey, 40% of road-trippers consider snacks the number-one priority as they cruise the highways and byways of America.

Road trips hold a special place in the hearts of millions, triggering memories of cherished family vacations and adventures with friends. We're thinking it's time to revive the road trip traditions!


Empowering Women in the Food Industry: You’re Not Alone

Stephanie Stuckey’s business journey is inspiring other women entrepreneurs. Her resilience, ingenuity, and determination demonstrate what it takes navigate the competitive landscape of the food industry. And her story serves as a powerful reminder that women possess the drive and expertise to excel in any field they choose.

“You can always come in and make a better product,” says Stephanie. “It is possible, even when the competition seems so big and so good and so insurmountable, there are these brands out there that have proven you can do it, you can break through.”

Stephanie was inspired by Dorothy Henke and the story of Dot’s Pretzels – one of her favorite road trip snacks. “These pretzels were Dot’s own recipe. She took them to potluck suppers and everyone complimented her on them. She started giving them as gifts, then sold them from her home kitchen. She eventually grew into a nationwide brand, which she recently sold to Hershey’s for $1.2 billion. With a B.”

To all aspiring women entrepreneurs, Stephanie has four words for your: you are not alone. A vast community of like-minded individuals stands ready to provide support, mentorship, and camaraderie. By harnessing the power of collaboration, female entrepreneurs can foster an environment of growth, learning, and mutual empowerment, amplifying their collective impact.

And if you want to read all about Dorothy Henke, or “Dot,” you can find it here

Adventure, Treats, and Tradition

As Stuckey’s resurges into the public consciousness, it not only rekindles nostalgia but also symbolizes the enduring spirit of the American road trip. Stephanie Stuckey’s passion and perseverance have breathed new life into this iconic brand, reminding us all of the joy and excitement that lie beyond each mile marker.

“I’m super excited about the Wonka movie because it highlights and celebrates how special it is to be in the confectionery business," she says.

By returning to her roots, focusing on product excellence, and celebrating the memories forged during road trips, Stephanie Stuckey embraces both the past and the future with open arms.

Quick Q & A:

Q: How do you store pecans?

A: Pecans can be frozen for up to two years. Pecans are very absorbent, though, so don’t freeze them next to fish!

Q: What’s your favorite road trip town?

A: Tucumcari, New Mexico. It’s a time warp on Route 66 where they have these amazing classic motels that have been lovingly restored. There's a great diner called Del's. And, shameless plug, there's a really cool retro souvenir place called TeePee Curios, and they sell Stucky's candy.


Q: What food do you never get tired of?


A: Pecans! (Obviously...)

Q: What food do you never want to eat again?

A: True confession - I’m a vegetarian. I say I'm a Southern vegetarian, which means if I go to a meat and 3 in a small town in Georgia, and the veggies have been cooked in fat back, I'm still going to eat them. But
I'm not a meat eater.


Q: What recipe do you love sharing with your friends?


A: My mom’s Tea Time Tassies – mini pecan pies. You can find the recipe on the Stuckey’s website! They will melt in your mouth. Ethelynn Stuckey’s Tea Time Tassies 


Q: Where can people hear more about the Stuckey’s story?

A: Order my book! It’s available for preorder on Amazon, and it’s called Unstuck


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