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You have Stories to tell and recipes to share...

Let's publish your cookbook!

Market Your Food Brand |  Build Customer Loyalty |  Earn PR

Is a cookbook right for your business?

Cookbooks are exceptional marketing tools that help your brand stand out from the competition. If you've built your business around food, here's what a cookbook can do for your brand. 

Elaine and Megan Plan a Project

Capture your one-of-a-kind story

No two businesses are alike, and no two cookbooks are, either. We work with you to write your story in a way that makes you - and your business - memorable for years to come.

Build Customer Loyalty & Engagement

A cookbook is much more than a collection of recipes. When your customers get to know who's behind the brand, you'll become a trusted culinary companion and a go-to source for recipes and inspiration.

Build Customer Loyalty
Media Interview

Increase Visibility & PR

In a world where food is a shared experience that brings people together, we know your brand’s story is as important as the flavors you create. Publishing a cookbook is newsworthy. It gives you a chance to connect with the media and it opens doors to new PR opportunities.

There are three Simple steps to Creating your own branded cookbook



Your stories and recipes

We'll meet with you either virtually or in person to brainstorm your cookbook ideas and end-game marketing strategy. Then, our editorial team will interview you to capture the stories behind your brand. While we get to work writing your book, you'll send us recipes and photos of your signature dishes.



No two books are alike

Our design team creates a gorgeous custom cookbook (or promotional mini-cookbook) that reflects your brand personality. We export hardcover, paperback, and digital files that can be uploaded to Amazon and are available for purchase by independent bookstores (optional).



Celebrate the Moment

While we pop the champagne and help you celebrate, we'll also be sharing all the ways ways you can leverage your new book to boost your marketing success and business growth. You'll have a book you're proud to share with fans, friends, and family.

Here's what Little Mountain Ranch Shared about Their Experience with The Cookbook Creative...


Chelsea Nicole, Little Mountain Ranch

I have been absolutely blown away by the response for my book. And I owe so much of it to The Cookbook Creative. Publishing a cookbook can get overwhelming, so my advice is to work with somebody like Elaine who knows what they’re doing. You have to find someone you can work with, and get along with, and communicate with. Because projects like this can be very close to your heart. 

Turn up the heat with a Custom cookbook.

Here's Everything that's included:


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Who is this for?

We love working with food and kitchen brands.

Are people using your ingredients in their recipes? Build brand loyalty by sharing recipes that help them impress their family and friends.

Are you selling small kitchen appliances? Include tips and recipes in your packaging.

Are you in agriculture? We love celebrating farms and industries that deliver essentials to home and commercial kitchens every day. 

Meet Our Publisher


Elaine Acker, Publisher & CEO

I'm Elaine Acker, and my passion is helping food and kitchen brands transform their stories into captivating cookbooks. With a background in feature writing that spans from the heart of Texas’ outdoors to luxury boutique hotels, I've always been drawn to the people, places, and stories behind food.

When you book a call, you'll be talking directly to me.

If you want to turn your food brand into a story to share with others, send me a message and let’s get your story out there.

Let's create a one-of-a-kind cookbook for your brand

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