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All The Latest: Food, Travel, and Exciting New Editions

This month has disappeared faster than carnitas from Mr. Taco in Galveston!

Speaking of Galveston, we wrapped up our first food-travel cookbook edition, and we’re looking forward to sharing that book with you this fall. It’s going to be gorgeous, and it’s going to showcase the people, places, and stories behind Galveston’s favorite food destinations. Here’s a peek at the cover!


We also spent some quality time in Bandera, Texas...

...which is better known as the Cowboy Capital of the World.

We talked to three local business owners and found out right away that Bandera is all about Bars, Brews, and Beef. Then, we teamed up with the Beef Loving Texans at the Texas Beef Council to share some of their favorite beef recipes in a mini cookbook.

Grab a digital copy for FREE right here! 

Finally, we’re launching two new travel cookbook campaigns: one for Fredericksburg, Texas and one for Austin. If you know anyone in either place who’s welcoming tourists and serving stellar food, please make an introduction! We’d love to tell them more.



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